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Essential Documents for Pre-construction Condos

Investing in Pre-construction Condos: A Wise Decision or a Risky Venture?

Builders often market units in a new condo project before its completion and registration. While this can be an enticing opportunity, it’s crucial for buyers to grasp the complexities involved in such purchases.

Key Documents for Review

Before committing to a pre-construction condo, it’s essential to scrutinize several vital documents provided by the builders. Consulting with a legal expert is highly recommended to safeguard your interests. Here are six crucial documents that demand careful attention:

  1. Pre-construction Agreement of Purchase and Sale This agreement outlines the rights, responsibilities, and specifics regarding the condominium unit and the construction undertaking.

  2. Buyers Information for Pre-Construction Condominium Dwellings Included within the purchase agreement, this document details potential risks associated with pre-construction condo purchases. It also discloses important information like the estimated occupancy date and construction progress status.

  3. The Condominium Home Addendum This addendum, a part of the purchase agreement, specifies the expected readiness of the condo unit for occupancy. It holds precedence over other contract elements in case of discrepancies.

  4. Tarion Warranty Information Sheet This sheet delineates the warranty coverage, inspection details, and protections provided with your condo unit purchase, including insights into Tarion.

  5. Disclosure Statement The disclosure statement offers insights into the future condo corporation, including key documents like the declaration, by-laws, rules, and budget statements for the initial year post-registration.

  6. Ontario’s Residential Condominium Buyers’ Guide Your purchase agreement only becomes binding upon receiving both the disclosure statement and Ontario’s Residential Condominium Buyers’ Guide. This guide, developed by the Condo Authority in collaboration with the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery, serves as a valuable resource for buyers.

By thoroughly reviewing and understanding these crucial documents, buyers can navigate the pre-construction condo market with confidence and mitigate potential risks effectively.